Severo electric medicine grinder

Severo electric medicine grinder

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) caused by manual grinding of medicines
In most care institutions medicines are regularly grinded, in this way accommodating patients. For instance in the psychogeriatrie, people which having difficulties swallowing, people with probe feeding etc..

Research has shown that the manual grinding of medicines cause repetitive strain injuries or related problems for employees in the social service sector.

Research has shown complaints to:

  • pulse
  • elbow
  • shoulder
  • high and low back

The arisen increased sickness absence is very expensive for the institutions. In collaboration with users in the field IMS has developed the Severo electric medicine grinder. The result is an electric medicine grinder which pulverises even the toughest medication effortlessly in eight seconds and protects the employees in the social service sector for 100% against the impact of RSI.

The problem of aerosols is less known but is certainly a serious risk. If powder medication is shaken from a small pocket or cup in for example a spoon there is a real chance that particles of the medication are airborne and are inhaled by the employee. The Severo have solved this problem by the development of special SeveroCup in which medication is mixed directly with a fluid. Inhaling medication by the employee is prevented.
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